A Letter from the Chairman

Onyx Investments is my life’s work. Through this vehicle, I will help people create, build, and preserve wealth through various tools at my disposal. These tools include 401(k) plans, mutual funds, insurance products, stocks, bonds, and certificates of deposit. Financial recommendations will accompany literature and analysis that helps clientele become increasingly more comfortable with the planning process. Over time, I hope to develop a greater appreciation for personal finance, banking, and the business community at large – through this Onyx Investments vehicle.

My Vision

My vision for Onyx Investments is to manage a diversified financial services company that combines the financial stability of a goliath megabank alongside the nimble personal touch of a boutique firm. To do so, I will prioritize clear communication between the executive suite and the client. Financial seminars, persona finance newsletters, and investment analyses are tools used to cultivate interest and expand business. Onyx Investments follows a conservative approach to doing business, where the company plans to maximize growth through practical risk management. I promote long-term investment strategies, in order to stay the course and prosper through market volatility. Going forward, my vision for this business embraces the Japanese term kaizen, or continuous improvement. With every passing day, we will build upon efficiencies, knowledge, and ultimately, the quality of the client experience.

A New Normal for The U.S. Economy

The importance of financial services is now at a premium. During the fourth quarter of 2008, The Federal Reserve Board lowered its federal funds rate to zero, in response to the housing and credit bust of that time frame. The Fed targets lower interest rates to encourage institutions and private citizens to take out loans, commit to capital improvements, and purchase investments. Taken together, economists propose quantitative easing alongside its associated transactions to stimulate the U.S. economy. Rather than balancing out the U.S. economy through job creation and wage growth, however, capital is flowing towards Wall Street and speculative positions. At the same time tuition and commodity costs remain largely subject to hyperinflation. In other words, the rich are getting richer, while the poor stay poor, and the middle class takes a battering from multiple fronts.

A trusted hand is now necessary to navigate the complex labyrinth that is the U.S. financial system. Long gone are the days when savers could walk into a bank, take out a certificate of deposit, and earn a 10% FDIC insured annual return. Taken further, equity and credit markets are now marred regularly by credit crises, flash crashes, deficits, and political fear mongering. I offer my leadership to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff during this new normal for the United States and Western Civilization, at large.

Financial Freedom

My ultimate goal is to promote financial freedom for the American public. I speak in terms of life goals, because Onyx Investments is not in the business of making money strictly to hoard vault cash and mindlessly monitor numbers grow upon a screen. Financial freedom is priceless, as it relates to health, home purchases, academic achievement, travel, and retirement. Financial freedom is a lifestyle.


Thank You,


Kofi Bofah
Founder and Chairman, Onyx Investments