Onyx Investments maintains a presence between Wall Street and Main Street. We direct traffic.
Our writings convert nuts and bolts financial analyses into relevant content that all parties can easily understand. From there, powerful knowledge can be applied and leveraged to create wealth.

Onyx Investments writings and research cover the full spectrum — that ranges between cash management, security analysis, macroeconomics, politics, and social commentary. Our goal here is to educate — so that thinkers are aware that no decision is made from within a closed vacuum. As a financial intermediary, Onyx Investments crafts its reputation upon leading the investment community through multiple economic scenarios.

The Junction

Financial Literacy and Education Onyx Investments financial literacy tools include newsletters, seminars, and online content. The frequent exchange of information works to galvanize fraternal bonds between the Onyx executive suite and our clientele over time. Knowledge is power.

Expanding Our Market Beyond the nuts and bolts of economics, the scope of our communications is structured to further expand our reach and share of the marketplace. To do so, we will connect popular social issues to Wall Street and the aggregate global economy. Through a series of articles, Onyx Investments negotiates the complex relationships between financiers, corporations, labor, and government officials.

We Have The Green Light

Our financial writings open up and maintain the multiple lines of communication between Wall Street and Main Street. Wall Street demands capital to build business infrastructure. Alternatively, Main Street effectively scours the marketplace in search of efficient savings vehicles to allocate capital towards. Onyx Investments, through its research department, assumes the green light to direct traffic through this crossroads of capital. To do so, we offer general financial planning, asset management, tax advisory, and insurance brokerage services. Onyx Investments financial writings on the following subjects best articulate our money management and consequently, complete lifestyle strategies.


“Onyx Investments generates one of the better financial newsletters throughout the entire industry. This company is really onto the pulse of the market and its communications effectively break down complex subject matter into common sense terminology. Onyx Investments has restored my faith and confidence in Wall Street. I am excited to put good money to work.

Onyx Investments is at the heart of a movement. For once, an advisory firm is willing to unabashedly connect economic, political, and social issues together in written and verbal firm. Onyx Investments stands for much more than simply collecting fees and processing trades.


Chad White
Mechanical Engineer