Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial planning is now a necessity. The Federal Reserve Board slashed its federal funds rate to zero amid the 2008 housing and credit bust. Meanwhile, The U.S. Treasury and White House have effectively coordinated efforts to bail out numerous industries and municipal governments from the brink of collapse over the past several years. Taken together, these various stimulus packages have under girded increased stratification within the U.S. economy. Capital is flowing into technology, financials, and various speculative positions. Alternatively, wage growth and savings interest rates remain minimal, while tuition and energy costs skyrocket. Onyx Investments is the firm hand that helps clients navigate through a U.S. financial system that is now a labyrinth.

Goal Setting

Comprehensive financial planning begins with goal setting. Common life goals are related to career, travel, business formation, home ownership, and establishing a family legacy. Articulating detailed goals opens up dialogue between Onyx Investments management and its clientele. From here, Onyx can classify the client according to investment time frame, sophistication, and risk tolerance, prior to proposing financial planning solutions. For example, a young couple may be interested in evaluating 401(k) plan mutual funds and life insurance products, while a high net worth clients seek help to study the wealth preservation merits of a charitable remainder annuity trust.

Data Gathering

Our data gathering process assists the client and planner to record financial inventories – before agreeing upon actionable recommendations. Data gathering categorizes the current client portfolio according to assets, liabilities, insurance policies, and expenses. Ultimately, the data gathering process calculates net worth and free cash flow available to build assets and pay down debt. This step also addresses the viability of aforementioned financial goals. If goals appear unattainable, Onyx Investments will suggest viable adjustments according to time frame and expenses. Retirement and home purchases may need to be pushed back several years. In terms of expenses, spending on discretionary items, such as luxury clothing and resort travel can always be eliminated to free up cash flow. After agreeing upon a budget, Onyx Investments will propose cash management, and investment ideas that bridge the gap between raw data and tangible accomplishments.

Cash Management

Cash management strategies build and protect cash reserves – for meeting daily expenses and preserving liquidity amid emergency. Effective cash management solutions will also help guard against inflation, or the loss of purchasing power. To meet these ends, Onyx Investments is prepared to offer recommendations on a suite of products that include money market deposit accounts and certificates of deposit, alongside life and health insurance coverage. Strong cash reserves, minimal debt, and adequate insurance protection are primary foundations of any successful financial plan.


Investment recommendations consider macroeconomics and tax planning, alongside financial sophistication and risk tolerance – to help the client work towards his goals. An ideal portfolio balances risk versus reward to facilitate growth, while also managing risks. Onyx Investments favors long-term investment strategies as a counter to day-to-day market volatility.


Semi-annual reviews help our clients benchmark progress towards financial goals. Onyx Investments understands the need for flexibility, and orders necessary adjustments as economic variables change.