High Net Worth

As a high net worth client, the world is your oyster. Lifestyle and financial planning goals now shift towards self-actualization, and further away from basic practicality. When cultivating the high net worth client, Onyx Investments recognizes that premium investment performance and rapid business expansion pre-date wealth preservation. After establishing independent wealth, your empire and legacy are preserved through conservative money management, comprehensive insurance, and thoughtful estate planning. Onyx Investments works to help you conquer your share of the world.

Goal Setting

The financial planning process begins with goal setting. Onyx Investments leads you through a brainstorming session that concludes with the prioritization of life goals according to time frame and total costs. High net worth clients often compartmentalize business and personal achievements beneath one larger self-actualization umbrella. For example, a successful entrepreneur may strive to expand business into overseas markets and offer improved employee benefit packages, while also working to consolidate his personal real estate and stock market investments beneath one formal entity that manages litigation risks and limits taxation.

Data Gathering

Prior to proposing recommendations, Onyx Investments will facilitate financial data gathering with the help of the high net worth client. The data gathering process records a financial inventory taking stock of assets, liabilities, insurance policies, income, and expenses. Again, as a high net worth client, the data gathering process may compartmentalize business and individual financial information. This process estimates current bottom line net worth and free cash flow positions. Net worth, of course, subtracts total liabilities away from total assets. From here, Onyx Investments will help you to direct free cash flow, or money remaining after paying off committed expenses, towards building net worth through effective asset allocation strategies.

Asset Allocation

Effective asset allocation strategies effectively accommodate investment growth, while also managing downside risk. As a high net worth client, Onyx Investments may advise you to purchase individual stocks and bonds according to case specific macroeconomic and political trends. For example, millionaire Illinois residents may increasingly gravitate towards tax-free municipal bond investments, after recent hikes to state income tax rates in the Land of Lincoln.

Alternative Investments

Onyx Investments expects high net worth clientele to demand advanced levels of customization – due to sophistication, unique circumstances, and the amount of money that is now on the line. Alternative investments, such as options, futures, real estate, and even outright business acquisitions are always possibilities on the table to serve the needs of the high net worth client. More complex financial arrangements often involve hedging and diversification strategies that help to generate positive cash flow amid multiple economic scenarios. At Onyx Investments, our purpose now transitions away from basic nuts and bolts risk versus rewards management, and towards the fulfilling end goal of empire building. Real financial freedom is self-actualization.