Onyx Investments institutional services, of course, implement individual financial planning strategies on a much grander scale. Institutional clients include private businesses and public entities welcome to outside financial guidance. Institutional financial planning services run the full gamut between asset management, employee benefits, and insurance brokerage. As always, the comprehensive financial planning process begins with a goal setting session prior to transitioning into a review of relevant and current economic data. The most effective deals strike a delicate balance between growth and risk management for all parties involved.

Goal Setting

Onyx Investments helps institutional clients to prioritize realistic financial goals according to total costs and time frame. Institutional financial goals typically relate to performance, portfolio diversification, and risk management. For example, an aspiring Fortune 500 company may set an ambitious goal of moving up the ranks to secure the leading spot atop the ledger of its respective market niche. In order to do so, this company is prepared to offer premium benefits packages and stock options that attract and retain top talent.

Financial Inventory

Immediately after the goal setting session, Onyx Investments will take and prepare a financial inventory for the institutional client. At these levels, the majority of this information may be readily available, in the form of annual report income and cash flow statements, alongside balance sheet information. Future projections, of course, remain relevant to the financial planning discussion. Projections will include conservative estimates that account for future changes in equity and cash flow levels, in accordance with prevailing macroeconomic trends. From here, Onyx Investments is best able to devise a financial plan that effectively harvests cash flow to improve the bottom line, and in turn harvest stakeholder returns.

Asset Management

Onyx Investments institutional asset management services help strengthen the cash and investment line items of the institutional balance sheet. Conservative asset management notably facilitates balance sheet equity growth, while also shielding the institutional portfolio away from downside risks. Institutional clients typically seek out advice related to cash management products, such as certificates of deposit, and money market funds. The most sophisticated operations, of course, may covet controlling stakes within other horizontally integrated businesses. To finance these deals, Onyx Investments will help the institutional client analyze credit and equity markets, in order to plan accordingly. Financial engineering is an art form.

Employee Benefits

Again, comprehensive employee benefits are critical for the retention of top talent. Further, a publicly traded company can expect prospective shareholders to analyze the financial merits of any benefits program, especially stock options grants that may dilute equity. At headquarters, Onyx Investments remains prepared to conduct informative seminars detailing the strengths of our benefits proposals, prior to implementation. Onyx Investments institutional services tactfully negotiate a balance between the contradictory aspirations of employees, executive brass, and outside investors. Institutional management, of course, must remain cognizant of the idea that our primary objective remains concerned with generating competitive long-term returns for shareholders.