Our Clients

At Onyx Investments, our goal is to build out infrastructure to accommodate a symbiotic exchange of information between our clientele and the executive suite. Financial seminars, newsletters, and economic commentary help Onyx to cultivate and maintain an informed client base. In return, clients offer up insights related to the job market, consumer culture, and referrals that help reinforce business decisions. Prospect and client meetings begin with a brainstorming session of life goals. From there, Onyx Investments can classify the prospect and plan accordingly. Clients are typically categorized as young professionals, middle income, or high net worth individuals.

Setting Goals

All client interactions begin with goal setting. Important life goals include earning advanced education degrees, settling into marriage, owning real estate, and funding a comfortable retirement. Goal setting, of course, becomes even more tangible with additional details. For example, a middle-aged couple may wish to send two children off to State U. next year, prior to retiring away to the Oregon Coast within the next two decades. With a set of specific goals in hand, Onyx Investments can put together a proposal that breaks down total costs alongside investment projections that work towards future success. Onyx remains sensitive to the concept that each client demographic requires specialized treatment according to risk versus reward metrics and financial sophistication. Our goal, as partners, is to secure and use the right tool for the right job.

Young Professionals

Young professionals range in age between 22 and 35 years old. At this stage in life, the young professional is just embarking upon the start of his career. Important life benchmarks may include graduate school degrees, marriage, children, and first-time home purchases. Income and cash flow are typically relatively low, in comparison to expenses and debt. Despite these challenges, young professionals are best positioned to leverage compound returns. For example, a systematic $250 monthly investment earning a 10% annual return grows to more than $1.5 million, after 40 years.
It is critical for the young professional to become familiar with the characteristics of important savings vehicles, such as IRA, 401(k), and mutual fund plans. Knowledge of basic personal finance alongside a saver’s mindset will help the young professional to avoid disastrous, life-altering mistakes, and help propel him towards establishing real wealth. Onyx Investments is here to help young professionals unlock and realize their true potential.

Middle Income

After age 35, the middle-income client enters his prime earning years. The client should now be somewhat familiar with the mechanics of cash management products, debt, retirement plans, stocks, and bonds. The emphasis now shifts more so towards investment performance through thoughtful asset allocation, and away from basic education, budgeting, and setting up accounts. The middle- income client will direct increasing amounts of free cash flow towards investments, as he moves up the corporate ladder, builds business, and pays off stubborn debt. Beyond his individual needs, legacy planning now becomes paramount. A family man will be interested in putting together a plan that finances college tuition, while also taking out adequate insurance coverage to protect assets against untimely illness and death. Upon retirement, middle-income clients may seek advice regarding IRA rollovers, tax planning, and the ultimate draw down of funds.

High Net Worth Individuals

High net worth individuals maintain liquid assets above $250,000. Onyx Investments helps these people to earn competitive investment returns, manage charitable giving, and plan out estates. At these levels, financial planning transitions into preserving everlasting legacies.