Our Mission

At Onyx Investments, our mission is to guide our clients towards financial freedom. To meet this end, we partner up with private individuals, businesses, and public institutions and offer up comprehensive financial planning, asset management, tax advisory, and insurance brokerage services. Our integrated approach matches the sophistication, prospective, time frame, and risk tolerance of the client against a defined vision. To do so, we encourage goal setting and meticulous data gathering on behalf of the client. Onyx Investments is dedicated to providing timely financial commentary, academic tools, and lifestyle guides that further solidify bonds between the executive suite and its clientele.

Goal Setting

Financial planning, as with all worthy endeavors in life, begins with goal setting. At Onyx Investments, we help clients prioritize goals according to time frame and total costs, while also preserving flexibility for prospective life events, such as marriage and childbirth. We do recognize that life does not always unfurl according to a perfect set of guidelines. Important financial and life goals may include taking out a mortgage for home ownership, organizing capital for private business formation, and saving money to make tuition payments. For example, a Chicago couple may dream of sending Junior off to their alma mater, UNC-Chapel Hill, prior to ultimately retiring away to a California cottage off The Pacific Coast Highway.

Data Gathering

Our data gathering process takes a snap shot image of the client’s current financial situation. Data gathering categorizes financials according to assets, liabilities, insurance policies, income, and expenses. Broken down further, data gathering calculates net worth alongside bottom line net income, or free cash flow. After meeting committed expenses, free cash flow is available to purchase assets, pay off debt, and increase ownership equity, or net worth. Lastly, an analysis of current insurance products will help assess risk management, in cases of untimely illnesses or death.

Financial Planning

Financial planning recommendations begin with cash management strategies. Budgeting separates income according to wages, business profits, dividends, and interest – over top of committed and discretionary spending. Committed expenses are related to health, shelter, and principal and interest payments, while discretionary spending refers to luxury purchases outside of the realm of basic survival. Discretionary spending may be curtailed, or eliminated altogether, in order to accommodate major savings goals. A drastic reduction in committed expenses would require lifestyle changes, such as downsizing living space out of a suburban cul de sac and into a city condominium. After agreeing upon a budget, recommendations regarding certificates, insurance, and investment products will be brought forth. Most likely, investment tools at our disposal will include 401(k) plans, IRA holdings, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The goal is to maximize potential returns, while also managing financial risks.  We intend to review client progress on a semiannual basis.


At Onyx Investments, we know that informed clients make the best clients. Client education includes newsletters, financial seminars, investment analysis, and relevant socioeconomic commentary. This information portfolio is tailored to accommodate prospective investors at all levels of sophistication. Our writings, speeches, and online content purposefully break down complex financial terminology into basic concepts – through the effective use of glossary definitions and anecdotes. We are certain that an aggressive education campaign will inspire investor confidence, improve visibility, and expand our share of the marketplace. This is a lifestyle.