At Onyx Investments, our mission is to guide our clients towards financial freedom. To meet this end, we partner up with private individuals, businesses, and public institutions and offer up comprehensive financial planning, asset management, tax advisory, and insurance brokerage services. Our integrated approach matches the sophistication, prospective, time frame, and risk tolerance of the client against a defined vision. To do so, we encourage goal setting and meticulous data gathering on behalf of the client. Onyx Investments is dedicated to providing timely financial commentary, academic tools, and lifestyle guides that further solidify bonds between the executive suite and its clientele.

Our Vision

Onyx Investments will evolve as a diversified financial services company that combines the stability of a goliath megabank alongside the nimble personal touch of a boutique firm. To do so, we will prioritize clear communication between the executive suite and the client. Financial seminars, personal finance newsletters, and investment analyses are tools used to cultivate interest and expand business. Onyx Investments follows a conservative approach to doing business, where the company plans to maximize growth through practical risk management. We promote long-term investment strategies, in order to stay the course and prosper through market volatility. Going forward, our vision for this business embraces the Japanese term kaizen, or continuous improvement. With every passing day, we will build upon efficiencies, knowledge, and ultimately, the quality of the client experience.

The Lifestyle

We observe and integrate comprehensive financial planning as part of a greater lifestyle movement. This broader agenda includes a strong sense of self, alongside a civic duty to remain politically informed and react to socioeconomic trends. Personal strength is necessary for goal setting and the execution of any financial plan. All financial plans will require the discipline to separate needs from wants, preserve free cash flow, and stay the course amid and through market volatility. Logically, political and cultural trends, such as tax policy, urban planning, and technical innovation will influence economic decisions. For example, proposals to build a new ring road beyond city limits may influence your decision to purchase suburban real estate. Beyond nuts and bolts finance, Onyx Investments encourages its clientele to embrace productive physical and mental activities that help minimize health care costs and extend life spans.

Our Clients

Informed clients make for the best clients. We build out infrastructure to accommodate a symbiotic exchange of information between our clientele and the executive suite. Again, financial seminars, newsletters, and economic commentary help Onyx Investments to cultivate and maintain an informed client base. In return, clients offer up insights related to the job market, consumer culture, and referrals that help reinforce business decisions. Prospect and client meetings begin with a brainstorming session of life goals. From there, Onyx Investments can classify the prospect and plan accordingly. Clients are typically categorized as young professionals, middle income, or high net worth individuals.

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is the ultimate goal. To a man, the concept of financial freedom ranges between comfortable living standards to independent wealth. Educators who have built up relatively large savings may be more so content with retirement to Southwestern Michigan cottages, while multi-millionaire celebrities prefer to finance extravagant Southern California lifestyles, in order to uphold glamorous images. In either case, financial freedom expands options for humanity to create everlasting legacies. After financial concerns move far beyond providing for mere survival, Onyx Investments clients can shift focus towards cultivating talent and completing their life’s work. Pursuits of self-actualization often relate to charity, philosophy, and works of art. Again, in closing, financial planning is but one theme supporting an ideal lifestyle of fulfillment and freedom.

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