This is A Lifestyle

At Onyx Investments, we integrate comprehensive financial planning within a greater lifestyle movement. This broader agenda includes a strong sense of self, alongside a civic duty to remain politically informed and react to socioeconomic trends. Balanced self-esteem is necessary for goal setting and the execution of any financial plan. All financial plans will require the discipline to separate needs from wants, preserve free cash flow, and stay the course amid and through market volatility. Logically, political and cultural trends, such as tax policy, urban planning, and technical innovation will influence economic decisions. For example, proposals to build a new ring road beyond city limits may influence your decision to purchase suburban real estate. Beyond nuts and bolts finance, Onyx Investments encourages its clientele to embrace productive physical and mental activities that help minimize health care costs and extend life spans.

Life Goals

Major life goals relate to education, career, family, altruism, and geographic residence. Accomplishing these goals, of course, requires financing. Financial planning is a means to an end – extending further beyond the fundamental analysis of macroeconomics, stocks, and bonds. Articulating your life goals will help you to stay the course – through market volatility and shifts in cultural trends. After formulating and prioritizing a list of life goals, a comprehensive plan can be put into place to achieve success. This system requires discipline and patience, yet enough flexibility to make adjustments over time. Focus and respectful feedback are both necessary for success.

The Consumer Culture

American consumer culture poses the most formidable threat to the accomplishment of your life’s plan. The Onyx Investments data gathering process requires you to list out income and expenses – before we calculate free cash flow. Again, expenses are classified as either committed or discretionary. Committed expenses, such as mortgage payments, groceries, utilities, and transportation to work are necessary for survival. Discretionary spending, however, relates to luxury goods including designer clothing, resort travel, and high definition cable television. The delineation between needs and wants is likely to shift over time. A minimalist lifestyle, of course, works best to build assets and accelerate progress towards goal achievement. Alternatively, the full embrace of consumerism is likely to deplete cash reserves, while also adding to your debt burden. In this case, material items would actually subtract away from general happiness. Monetary concerns are often cited as a factor behind the breakdown of personal relationships and overall health.

Total Health

Outrageous health care costs are a leading cause of bankruptcy. Financial planning and your total health effectively manifest themselves as a symbiotic relationship. Deteriorating finances will add to stress – due to the inevitable necessity of an increased workload for meeting bill payments. This work burden and tight cash flow then subtracts dedicated resources away from physical and leisure activities. Over time, stress-related health concerns including migraines, hypertension, and joint pains may emerge that force you to pay higher insurance premiums and medical bills. In order to minimize these risks, Onyx Investments promotes a work / life balance within its financial planning recommendations. Finance is but one wing of the long-term and ultimate goal of freedom.


Onyx Investments defines freedom as the ability to work towards and achieve your life goals. Financial freedom grants you the wherewithal to draw from multiple sources of income and assets to support your baseline lifestyle. From here, you can maximize talent, potential, and general happiness.