Financial freedom is The American Dream. To meet this end, humanity completes higher education coursework, establishes profitable businesses, pays down debt, and purchases assets. Financial freedom, of course, is but one pillar of a regime that ultimately frames your ideal lifestyle. Onyx Investments works to bridge the chasm between today’s realities and tomorrow’s idealism. To begin, we work with private and institutional clients to broadly define their respective versions of financial freedom. From there, Onyx Investments systematically engineers and executes financial plans that negotiate the demands of investor profiles alongside the rigors of prevailing macroeconomic trends. Freedom is always the ultimate goal.


Define Financial Freedom


To a man, the concept of financial freedom ranges between comfortable living standards to independent wealth. In either scenario, financial freedom is identified with relatively large amounts of personal assets, in comparison to total debt. At any moment, a financially independent individual may sell off liquid assets and pay off liabilities. Taken further, income levels are far superior to your cash outlays. Total income is often a combination of investment returns, business revenue, and salaried work. Ideally, free cash flow is directed towards the purchase of more investments that offer long-term compound returns. Sophisticated investors may even accelerate the march towards financial freedom – through the use of leverage.


Needs and Wants


Onyx Investments directs clients to distinguish between needs and wants. The data gathering process classifies expenses according to committed and discretionary costs. Committed expenses, such as grocery bills, housing payments, and transportation fares to and from work are necessary for survival. Discretionary goods and services, however, include satellite television, resort travel, and spa treatments, which can easily be eliminated from your budget without interfering with your lifestyle. The goal here is to maximize free cash flow to buy assets that in turn, generate wealth. Financial freedom ultimately separates the “need” to work from “wanting” to work. You may continue to be employed or work your business, but these duties may not be necessary to meet expenses. Professional growth is thusly associated with self-actualization.


Insurance Protection


Proper insurance coverage looms as an often overlooked, yet critical pillar of financial freedom. Effective insurance coverage remains in force to supply emergency financing amid natural disaster, alongside untimely death and medical problems that may threaten asset positions and earnings power. Taken further, life insurance is also an estate-planning tool. Onyx Investments offers advice to structure life insurance policies, trusts, and investment recommendations in a manner that facilitates the transfer of both wealth and knowledge together between generations.


Your Legacy


The term financial freedom, of course, presents separate connotations for people from different walks of life. Educators who have built up relatively large savings may be more so content with retirement to Southwestern Michigan cottages, while multi-millionaire celebrities prefer to finance extravagant Southern California lifestyles, in order to uphold glamorous images. In either case, financial freedom expands options for humanity to create everlasting legacies. After financial concerns move far beyond providing for mere survival, Onyx Investments clients can shift focus towards completing their life’s work, which may be related to charity, philosophy, or even art. Again, in closing, financial planning is but one theme supporting an ideal lifestyle of fulfillment and freedom.

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