Get Big Thighs Using Weight Training

Curvaceous body types have come to be embraced—paralleling the rise in stardom of Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé Knowles and Kim Kardashian. Larger thighs are recognized as part of the equation to promote a shapelier profile. The majority of men and women look towards exercise as a means of building bigger thighs for cosmetic and practical purposes. Use weights, alongside a proper cardiovascular regimen to strengthen your legs and promote overall good health.

You Will Need

Comfortable workout clothes

Gym Membership

Balanced Diet

Step One

Identify objectives prior to coordinating your specific workout routine. You may wish to get bigger thighs either to excel at physical sports, such as football, or simply for cosmetic purposes. People that work out for cosmetics must remember to use slightly lighter weight for more repetitions to tone the body. Conversely, bulk and strength gains are achieved by lifting heavier weights with fewer repetitions. Target your thighs for 45 minutes, two times per week for good results. Workout goals should become more narrowly defined over time as you recognize how the body responds to exercise.

Step Two

Walk, jog and stretch to prepare your body for exercise. The Mayo Clinic indicates that stretching is mandatory for increased range of motion, which minimizes the risks of muscle tears and pulls. Walk and jog at a light pace for a few minutes to warm up your muscles, while keeping energy levels high for strength training.

Step Three

Prioritize your legwork strength training according to the size of the muscle groups being exercised to save energy for strenuous lifts. Therefore, squats take priority over all stations and should be done each session. Integrate wall sits, lunges, leg presses, curls and extensions alongside squats according to your overall fitness level to get bigger thighs. Use correct squat form to isolate your leg muscles and reduce the risks of weightlifting accidents.

Beginners should use a weightlifting belt and spotter for guidance at the squat rack. Perform squats by resting the barbell on your shoulder blades and lowering your rear end towards the floor to take a virtual seat. Your hips and thighs should be parallel to the ground before exploding back upward to a standing start. Stay slightly flexed at the knees to complete the repetition. Men should complete a minimum of three sets of squats at five to ten reps. Women may perform sets that are between eight and twelve repetitions to shape their thighs—without adding excessive bulk. All athletes must increase the weight with each set for impact.

Step Four

Tailor your cardiovascular regimen to target fast-twitch, rather than slow-twitch muscle fibers. Fast-twitch muscles are associated with explosive movements and shapelier body types. Run at a faster pace than possible for shorter durations to enhance fast-twitch muscle development. Run and walk to improve lung capacity, burn fat and build bigger thighs. Conversely, extensive long distance running translates into leaner figures.

Step Five

Carry notebooks to record data pertaining to your workout regimen. Categorize information according to dates, exercises and repetitions. Review these records regularly to track progress, make adjustments and establish new goals.


Motivation is critical for achieving weightlifting gains. You may integrate sports into your regimen, such as basketball and rock climbing to stay enthusiastic while building your thigh muscles.


Do not consume foods high in calories, saturated fats and sugars as part of any premeditated plan to get bigger thighs. Eat a balanced diet to compliment your workout regimen.

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