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Financial Planning, Self-Actualization for High-Net-Worth Clients

The world is your oyster, as a high-net-worth (HNW) client with Onyx Investments. Now, financial planning and lifestyle goals shift more so toward self-actualization, rather than day-to-day practicality.

Onyx will preserve your empire and legacy through conservative money management, insurance, and estate planning strategies. For the HNW, wealth preservation and risk management come into greater focus above volatile, ramshackle growth for the simple sake of growth.

We do recognize that $1 million out in Wyoming is so far very removed from $1 million in Chicago or New York City. Still, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) defines an accredited investor as either operating with more than $1 million in net worth outside of their primary residence or having earned $200,000 ($300,000 with spouse) in annual income over each of the past two years.

Goal Setting and Self-Actualization

High-net-worth clients occupy the self-actualization space atop Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Here, financial planning evolves further into a matter of maximizing the utility of excess free cash flow above a comfortable standard of living. Onyx Investments will help you to align your financial goals with a greater purpose.

A successful entrepreneur, for example, may seek counsel for regional business expansion, while also offering more competitive employee benefits packages. Alternatively, the family patriarch may be interested in establishing a family trust to consolidate investments, discourage litigation, and finance higher education.

Taking Financial Inventory

Onyx Investments will work with the high-net-worth client to take a full financial inventory prior to proposing any recommendations. Data gathering will be a lengthy process for HNW individuals, as we take all assets, liabilities, insurance policies, income, and expenses into account.

Onyx Investments will calculate both your net worth and free cash flow, after completing your financial inventory. We find the high-net-worth individuals do thoroughly enjoy this stage of the financial planning process and love to talk shop.

High-Net-Worth Client Asset Allocation

For high-net-worth clients, we do recommend asset allocation strategies that effectively accommodate investment growth, while managing downside risks. We recognize that large swaths of HNW individuals prefer principal protection and wealth preservation, instead of assuming aggressive growth volatility.

Suitable high-net-worth asset allocation recommendations will be tailored specifically for client objectives. A C-Suite executive may need to immediately sell off his stock option grants and reinvest into other areas, so as to limit over-exposure to one institution.

Meanwhile, California, Illinois, and New York family scions will gravitate towards municipal bonds, so as to save thousands, if not millions of dollars in income taxes to state treasuries at Sacramento, Springfield, and Albany.

Alternative Investments

Alternative investments, such as options, futures, collectibles, real estate, private equity, and even outright business acquisitions are always possibilities on the table to serve the needs of sophisticated, high-net-worth clients.

Here, Onyx Investments may advise for and structure complex deals to help generate positive cash flow and returns through a multitude of economic scenarios.

Empire Building is Self-Actualization.