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Wealth Management for Institutional Investors and Clients

Onyx Investments institutional clientele would include ultra-high-net-worth individuals, private enterprises, and government officials and agencies. Here, our institutional services span the full financial spectrum between asset management, tax advisory, employee benefits, and insurance brokerage.

As always, the comprehensive financial planning process begins with brainstorming and goal setting, prior to taking a complete financial inventory and making suitable recommendations. Onyx wealth management strategies balance both growth potential and risk mitigation through the economic cycle. We control the financials, so that your organization may fully dedicate itself to running its core business.

Institutional Goals

Onyx Investments facilitates introductory, brainstorming sessions with our institutional clients to prioritize goals according to total costs and time frame. Creating long-term stakeholder value is the ultimate end for any respectable institution. To meet this end, institutions may covet lower effective tax rates, improved returns on liquid assets, and competitive employee benefits packages.

Financial Inventory and Data Analysis

At institutional levels, large swaths of financial information may be readily available through quarterly and annual reports, which showcase net income, balance sheet, and cash flow statements. Managerial accounting will also collect internal data of its own, which Onyx may analyze through Microsoft Excel or R software.

Onyx Investments relies upon raw accounting data to calculate future financial projections. Our conservative estimates account for prevailing macroeconomic trends, government policy, and industry knowledge.

From here, we are better able to devise a financial plan that directs free cash flow and investments to improve the bottom line, and long-term stakeholder returns.

Asset Management

Onyx Investments works to strengthen the financial positioning of our institutional clientele. Institutional clients are likely to maintain relatively large cash balances to finance working capital, before committing to outside, alternative investments.

Beyond organic growth, mergers and acquisitions will also drive corporate efficiencies. Onyx Investments stands ready to advise institutional clients through turbulent debt and equity markets to maximize value.

High finance is as much of an art form as it is a science.