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Taking Stock: Your Complete Financial Inventory

Data Gathering Booklet – Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Tools of The Trade
  3. Identification / Life Goals
  4. Net Worth
  5. Budgeting
  6. Notes

The Financial Planning Process

Comprehensive financial planning includes budgeting, cash management, investments, insurance, and the structuring of your estate.

Onyx Investments will personalize this experience according to the objectives of each client, rather than simply offering up boilerplate recommendations. We move beyond simple dollars and cents. We have the green light. 

Goal Setting

Typical life goals are related to career, travel, business formation, home ownership, and establishing a family legacy. Your life arc may carry you through putting two children through college – before retiring off to South Florida for eighteen holes of golf. We will calculate the costs of this life journey, before offering up real solutions.

Financial Inventory

Our data gathering process assists the client and planner to record financial inventories – before agreeing upon actionable recommendations. Data gathering categorizes the current client portfolio according to assets, liabilities, insurance policies, and expenses.

Ultimately, the data gathering process calculates net worth and free cash flow available to build assets and pay down debt. This step also addresses the viability of your stated life goals.

Here, Onyx Investments will begin to suggest particular adjustments to your timeline and budget, if your financial goals appear slightly out of reach.

We may advise that your plans for an early retirement and luxury condominium purchase are pushed back for a few years, while you max out your 401(k). Discretionary spending for fine dining and resort travel, of course, can always be scaled back or eliminated altogether to free up cash.


After agreeing upon a budget, Onyx Investments will propose cash management, and investment ideas that bridge the gap between raw data and tangible accomplishments.

Cash management strategies build and protect cash reserves – for meeting daily expenses and preserving liquidity amid emergency. Strong cash reserves, minimal debt, and adequate insurance protection are primary foundations of any successful financial plan.

From here, Onyx Investments will ultimately craft an optimal investment portfolio that is accommodative to real growth, while also effectively managing downside risks.

PDF Taking Stock: Your Complete Financial Inventory


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