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Our Wealth Management Philosophies

Onyx Investments is the road map – to guide clients through financial markets and onto future prosperity. We manage diversified portfolios that allow for growth potential, while also mitigating downside risks. This is business with purpose.

First, our clients detail life goals and complete financial inventories. Next, Onyx Investments will recommend an asset allocation that negotiates a compromise between market fundamentals, tax law, and client objectives. 

Taking Self-Assessment

Onyx Investments insists that our clients and prospects brainstorm, list out, and prioritize financial goals. Individual clients and families typically identify higher education, home ownership, and retirement as major life milestones. Institutional investors, for their part, are in the market for functional employee benefits, succession planning, and risk management.

Onyx Investments will run multiple projections and scenarios to illustrate total time, costs, and expected returns necessary to achieve your stated goals.

Your Financial Inventory

Onyx will take complete financial inventory of your assets, liabilities, insurance policies, income, and expenses. At this point, we will calculate net worth by subtracting total liabilities away from total assets and calculate free cash flow by subtracting expenses away from income. Free cash flow is readily available to invest towards building and maintaining real wealth.

In some cases, we will recommend that you sell off underperforming assets to raise cash for buying into more productive investments.

We do identify cash reserves and adequate insurance coverage as the true building blocks for wealth management. Liquidity is the oxygen for high finance: always there and always taken for granted, until a real emergency.  

Building Your Investment Portfolio

Our asset recommendations manage client expectations against the realities of the global marketplace. Small capitalization and international stocks are more so suitable for young professionals and high net worth clients, who invest with both the time and money to take on more risks.

Alternatively, a shift towards bonds is more practical for middle income savers and retirees, who favor capital preservation. In recession, cash, money markets, and bonds will hold value, while also paying out interest income.

As individual stock pickers, Onyx Investments favors buying into and holding shares of stock that are surrounded by Warren Buffett’s moat. In business parlance, a moat translates well into competitive advantage and pricing power. Onyx leverages the formidable moats of Apple, Google, Visa, and McDonald’s for alpha returns.