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For Onyx Investments, the comprehensive and dynamic financial planning process bridges the chasm separating dollars and cents away from tangible life goals. As a trusted adviser, we are hopeful that we may help build, protect, and share wealth across multiple generations.

Real Wealth is Real Power.

Goal Setting

Comprehensive financial planning begins with goal setting – to realize the motivations for why we work. For many, typical goals may include first-time home purchase, business formation, college funding, and retirement income. Onyx fully supports its clients in defining financial goals prior to the meaning of life:

How much money do we need to save each month to own our beach house outright and retire to daily 18-hole golf at Cabo San Lucas by 2045?

Financial Inventory

Onyx Investments backs client goal setting by taking a complete financial inventory of assets, liabilities, insurance policies, income, and expenses. Here, we may first determine whether your original goals are even realistic, before adjusting accordingly.

A quick overview of financial inventory will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your positioning. Most importantly, active data gathering facilitates productive conversation and brainstorming, before taking real action.

Taking Stock: Your Complete Financial Inventory


Onyx Investments financial planning does incorporate scenario analyses – to project probable results across various socioeconomic conditions. A decision to buy an overpriced second home immediately prior to a real estate bust would certainly jeopardize the viability of the family college fund. At that point, we may advise packing Junior’s bags for the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign, rather than paying up more than $65,000 in annual tuition for Northwestern.

Our comprehensive financial planning services present detailed cash management, insurance, investment, and retirement planning recommendations. Onyx Investments fully observes this advisory process to be dynamic, as it relates to ever changing life goals and macroeconomic conditions. Onyx meets regularly with clients – to monitor progress and propose intelligent financial solutions.