Onyx Investments works to build and preserve wealth. Live the Dream. Financial freedom is the goal. Towards that end, Onyx Investments offers comprehensive financial planning, asset management, insurance brokerage, and tax advisory services. Our system is a lifestyle.

Onyx Investments is the gateway towards achieving tomorrow’s dreams. Our comprehensive financial planning process includes goal setting, data gathering, and regular reviews to help clients stay the course. We can help you organize a small business, send Junior off to college at UNC-Chapel Hill, and retire to the South Florida sunset. This is your life’s work. We are golden.

Our Civic Duty

Financial Literacy and Education Onyx Investments financial literacy tools include newsletters, seminars, and online content. The frequent exchange of information works to galvanize fraternal bonds between the Onyx executive suite and our clientele over time. Knowledge is power.

Community Involvement We respect our duty to preserve the integrity of the financial services industry. Onyx Investments remains committed to negotiating the best interests of this company, its clientele, and the American citizenry, at-large. The company favors policies that encourage economic growth, counter inflation risks, and minimize tax bills for the investment community.

We Will Build Your Future

Our mission is to uplift our clients toward financial freedom. To meet this end, Onyx Investments partners up with private individuals, businesses, and public institutions — to offer up comprehensive financial planning, asset management, tax advisory, and insurance brokerage services. This integrated approach matches the sophistication, prospective, time frame, and risk tolerance of the client against a defined vision. Again, we provide timely financial commentary, academic tools, and lifestyle guides that solidify bonds between management brass and our clientele.


“The spirit of Onyx Investments is driving me towards my life goals. The tenets of hard work, dedication, and continuous improvement shine through in every assignment that Onyx completes.

Onyx Investments is a true gem. This company has helped me to navigate through a labyrinth of complex and contradictory financial information. I am happy to be treated as a real person, instead of just another check writer and number — to be passed on and through the big bank call center…


Bertha Clarke
Primary Care Physician